Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Haven for wildlife

Bandhavgarh National Park lies in the eastern part of the state of Madhya Pradesh in the Vindhya range. (Madhya Pradesh or MP as the name implies is in Central India). Though, it is a comparatively small park - about 110 sq. kms it has the highest density of tigers amongst all the national parks & hence there is a great possibility of spotting the tiger during a 3-4 day visit. The best time to visit for spotting the tiger, other mammals and birds in breeding plummage is during the heat of summer before 30th May when the foliage is comparatively sparse. Winter is a good time to watch the numerous resident & migratory bird species that flock to this area.

It is unfortunate that many visitors throng the place just to see the majestic tiger while ignoring other species. The area is rich in flora & fauna & enjoying the bio-diversity of the area can be a most rewarding experience.

The photo above shows the Chakradhara meadows with the Bandhavgarh fort in the background atop the hill. This was originally the hunting ground of the royalty of Rewa and the famed white tigers (those with a recessive gene of the species) were found in this area.


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