Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tracking down the Tiger

Locating the elusive tiger was quite a challenge. While our very first evening safari brought us to the Churbehera tigress hidden in the foliage with a kill beside her (wild boar), the ferocious Chakradhara tigress refused to oblige the numerous jeeps gheraoing the meadows which she made her cover. Nearly 100 odd jeeps lined up in anxious wait hoping she would emerge from the grass until it was time for all humans to leave the park at 7 p.m. sharp

The centre Point where all jeeps are to report by 7.30 a.m. and the only place within the park where we are allowed to alight from our vehicle and refreash ourselves.

Pugmarks of a male tiger - possibly B2 who also refused to oblige us. We waited in vain until it rained heavily & drenched us all in the open jeeps. By then, an irritable jeep driver informed us it was time to exit the park.

This pregnant tigress is the Churbehera female who gave us sightings throughout - pix taken from atop the elephant barely few feet away from her. She had abandoned her kill of few days and had moved a few yards away. By this time, the kill began to really stink!It mattered little to her that there was a flurry of activity in her honour with people from all corners of the earth keen to get a close-up. Instead she found all this very boring! Yaawwn!!!
Other tiger sightings included the Munjani cub, the 3 Rajbehera cubs and the Bitari female. Unfortunately these were spotted behind the tree cover & hence could not be caught on the lens. It is always a thrilling experience to watch a tiger in the wild rather than seeing them behind iron bars.
Visitors are strictly prohibited from alighting from the jeeps in the park area except at the Centre Point. While climbing onto the elephant, you need to climb atop the jeep to do so. For the tiger, when you are in the jeep, you are part of the vehicle. However, when you alight you are a human and fair game. Few days after we left, I received the unfortunate news that the Munjani female had attacked and killed a local youth who entered the park to collect Tendu leaves.
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Nutty said...

Amazing , adventurous and thrilling !

Roopa said...

Awwww!!!!!! Pregnant!!!!!!It makes my heart leap that she will bring little tigers into this world.

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